Leadership Team

Christopher R. Tan


Tracy Fick

Associate Director – Chief Programs Officer

Lisa Camlin


Rebecca Irizarry

Director of Development and Strategic Planning

Mirlande Sledge

Director of Public Guardianship

Vanessa Dunlap

Director of Health & Community Services

Kelle Watson

Director of Clinical Counseling

Erika Crosby

Director of Family Engagement and Mobility Services

Adoption Services Manager

Executive Board

The Most Reverend Barry C. Knestout

Diocese of Richmond

Tim Murphy

Board Chair

Stephen Fuschetti

Vice Chair

Dr. George Sabol


Donna O’Donnell


Charles V. McPhillips

Counsel to Board

Christopher Tan

Chief Executive Officer

Jim Brown

Larry Bryant

Chris Fevrier

Perry Hohman

George Melynk, Jr.

Eric Reinkober

Dr. Anthony W. Savage

Shelley Smith

Matthew Zachary