Catholic Charities offers programs and services for those who are considering adoption. These programs include: Domestic Infant Adoption; Home Study Services for Domestic Adoption, Interstate Adoption, and Adoption through Foster Care; International Adoption, and Relative Adoption. We also provide Adoption Search and Reunion services.

Meet the Families

Catholic Charities offers a domestic adoption program for the placement of infants. Birth parents and their families are offered counseling and resources  as they make a decision for their child. If they choose to move forward with a plan of adoption, birth families are able to select and meet the adoptive family who they wish to place their child with. At that point the two parties can discuss the type of adoption that both parties wish to have. Our agency families are all unique, loving and face fertility challenges that prevent them from conceiving. Please take a minute to meet our waiting families. 

Text, call or email our Adoption Specialist, Jessica Corallo at (757)

Pregnancy Counseling Services

Catholic Charities of Eastern Virginia offers free, confidential pregnancy counseling to any woman facing an unexpected or unplanned pregnancy. Staff provide counseling services for expectant families to help them reach decisions that are best for their family and child.

For more information please click here to visit our pregnancy center and adoption website or call 757-456-2366 and one of our staff will be happy to speak to you further.

Post Adoption Services

Catholic Charities provides a wide spectrum of post adoption services for families. This program utilizes the evidence-based Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) approach developed by Dr. Karen Purvis and Dr. David Cross. The goal of the program is to provide case management, educate, support, and provide tools and materials to help families maintain successful adoptive placements, especially for families who have adopted children from difficult backgrounds. All post adoption services are FREE due to generous funding by the Virginia Department of Social Services (FAM-20-820).

For more information contact Erika Crosby and Shannen Wright or visit our website here: