We are Andrew and Cristina and are so humbled that you’ve taken the time to read about our family. We pray that you are filled with peace, for we have been praying for you, daily. We joyfully praise God for your openness to this gift of adoption!

Cristina and I have been married for 7 years and together have 2 children: Maria (6) and Andrew (3). Cristina is a stay-at-home-mom and I work for my father’s locally-based small business. Thankfully, my work is close and allows me to be home early each day, and to take off the necessary time to spend it with Cristina and the children. Also, we are blessed to  have almost all of our family living close by, as well as our large Christian community (which we also consider family!). Within our larger community, many families have been blessed to adopt, so adoption is not foreign to any of us or our children.

Our daughter Maria is very much aware of us praying to adopt, and is excited to be an older sister again! She often reminds everyone around us that “we are all adopted, because God is our Father!”, and she is right! In fact, Cristina and I believe that our primary goal as parents, is that our children know that they are loved by God and beautiful in His eyes.

We know that adoption (in any scenario in life) is the act of taking someone in as your own….and in this process, we have already have done this! From the beginning, our hearts have been knitted together with the child that God has chosen for our family. We know that God has a purpose for all of us, and we are excited and humbled at this opportunity!

You are in our prayers,

Andrew, Cristina, Maria, and Andrew