Hello and thank you for visiting our page. We are Deborah, Ben and Wyatt and we aim to give you a brief peak at our lives.

Ben and Deborah just celebrated 20 years of marriage. Ben is a Software Project Manager who works from home full time for an insurance company and Deborah stays home and takes care of our little man. Wyatt is our first adopted baby and he is a fun loving little boy that is passionate about monster trucks, dinosaurs and bugs. He is excited to be a big brother, he has plans to share his toys and prays for his future sibling(s) every day.

As a family we love to spend time together. Our favorite times are cuddling up on the couch, watching movies, and eating popcorn, getting outside to walk, ride bikes, taking hikes, camping or hanging out at the beach. We are dedicated members of the church serving in various ministries and Wyatt loves singing and playing with his friends at children’s church and community group. We like to say we love Jesus, love each other and love life!

As parents we know that each child is different. Our goal is to point them to Jesus, try to be an example in both what to do and how to extend grace. Additionally, we want to help them uncover their unique talents and interests through education and providing what opportunities we can to allow them to explore ideas and hobbies.

Thanks for taking the time to view our profile. We pray that as you explore your options the Lord guides you and blesses you.