Kendra and Marcel here!! We met in 2007, through our church. We were both in college at the time, but on different campuses. We would see each other during weekly devotionals and other ministry events. We became great friends. We would hang out and talk on the phone but nothing romantic.

It wasn’t until 2015 that we were encouraged by mutual friends to give it a shot. We went on a few dates to see if there was anything there. Sure enough, a few months later we were official and by May 2016 we were engaged and married before the end of the year. We often laugh about how we were not into each other for years but now we can’t imagine life apart. It’s funny how things work themselves out.

Together we love to play games (video and board), see the newest movies and anything silly and fun. We are both from Hampton Roads and love the area. Though our families are very excited and supportive, the majority of them are not local; so we also rely on the love and support of our church family and close friends.

We have ALWAYS wanted to adopt!! I (Kendra) have felt for a long time that adoption was a calling for my life. I have cousins who are adopted and I loved how they were seamlessly grafted into our family. Their parents love them the same as their biological child.  Experiencing this type of love confirmed my desire to adopt.

Growing up with medical difficulties I knew that pregnancy could be a tough venture.  While we were dating, I explained these things to Marcel; he not only understood, but adoption became his dream as well. We went into our engagement and marriage with the plan of having one or two biological children, then adopt.

In November 2018, we found out I was pregnant. We were so excited!!! We quickly told our immediate family, but due to me having Sickle Cell Anemia, we waited until 17 weeks (February 2019) to share the good news publicly.  My pregnancy had a rough start but the support from our family and friends was amazing.  Around 22 weeks, we had finally started to turn a corner and I was looking good. I was eating well and feeling energized. We were planning the baby shower and I began to nest. It was a magical time.

At 26 weeks, I was rushed to the hospital. The following day,  May 4, 2019,  I gave birth to our son Luka. Unfortunately, he was stillborn, but he was still beautiful. We found out that I had a placental abruption. I too, almost died and spent seven days in the hospital recovering from hemorrhaging, liver failure, a bacterial infection and a few other things.  My husband, Marcel, stated, “I am very grateful for her to still be here, though I would have gladly given my life in exchange for our son to be here with his mother.” Doctors aren’t sure what caused the issues leading to Luka’s death; therefore, they have encouraged us not to try again. So our journey toward adoption has begun. We were hoping to have our Luka physically here to be a part of this adventure with us, but we know he is happy with God, waiting for us to catch up.

As parents we promise to raise our child with love and faithfulness, seeking help and guidance along the way. We hope to be great examples, though we know we are not perfect. In our imperfections we will teach our child mercy and forgiveness. As we love one another, we will also love our child unconditionally with truth and gentleness. We are a fun and silly family, and so we will have so we are excited to have so much fun with our new child.

Thank you for taking the time to get to read our story and get to know us.

Love, Marcel & Kendra