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Respite Care - A Call to Serve

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Respite Care – A Call to Serve

Respite Care – A Call to Serve

A Call to Serve

CCEVA’s In-Home Respite Care program has served families who have a loved one at home that require 24 hour/7 days a week care for the past 20 years. Families have self-reported a significant decrease in stress, burn-out, and feeling overwhelmed when given the opportunity to have a Respite Care worker come into the home and provide them with a temporary break for as little as 3 hours a week.


Over the past 20 years we have always had plenty of workers wanting to serve, however, with Covid-19, CCEVA has witnessed a huge decrease in respite staff, while seeing an incredible increase in the need for service.  We need Respite Care workers desperately!


Our In-Home Respite workers provide social interaction, medication reminders, and most importantly they provide peace of mind to the client’s caregiver in knowing their loved one will be safe and secure while they take that much needed break.  Many of our caregivers simply read to their client, or do puzzles with them, simply enjoying time together.  Our workers do not provide any hands-on care.


Through an online survey distributed to caregivers by the Roslyn Carter Institute over the last 12 months, results have shown:

  • 83% of caregivers surveyed reported increased stress related to caregiving since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • 42% noted that the number of other caregivers available to help them has declined during the pandemic
  • Isolation, increased burden resulting from additional caregiving/household responsibilities, and worry about getting infected or a family member becoming infected with COVID-19 were key sources of stress
  • Financial concerns, instability, and resource insecurity were also a source of stress


As a Respite Care worker, you would be paid $9.50/hr by the family and CCEVA will provide training and support to you. If you are retired and have some extra free time, if you are a mom with kids going back to school, if you are looking for a way to make extra money, or you are someone who is hearing the call to serve, please come and work with us.


Please call Mary Ann Gower or Vanessa Dunlap at 757-456-2366 for more information on this wonderful opportunity to serve seniors and earn some extra income.


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