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Parish Partner Spotlight

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Parish Partner Spotlight: Holy Trinity Catholic Church

Parish Partner Spotlight: Holy Trinity Catholic Church

Holy Trinity Catholic Church

Catholic Charities of Eastern Virginia wants to thank Holy Trinity Catholic Church for their compassionate service to the Norfolk community.

Holy Trinity provides a full array of ministries to those in need whether it be the poor, those needing Sacraments, adult bible study, youth formation, or young adult community.  Despite the challenges created by the pandemic, the parish continued to answer the call and serve as Christ’s hands and feet.

Saint Teresa Food Pantry

The Holy Trinity Saint Teresa Food Pantry provides food for 5 days of meals, including breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The pantry offers fresh foods, toiletries and baby supplies for those in need.  Each year, the pantry also gives out Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas baskets containing an entire meal for families.  Throughout the pandemic, the Holy Trinity Food pantry kept their doors open to the public and also provided Thanksgiving dinner to 90 homeless individuals and lunch for the homeless once a week for a year.  CCEVA staff were humbled to volunteer for the pantry weekly alongside Holy Trinity staff.

Youth Formation

In addition to providing Christian Formation and Adult Bible Studies to the youth and the adults at Holy Trinity Catholic Church, each summer, Holy Trinity offers a Catholic Kids Camp.  Last year during the pandemic was no exception.  Catholic Kids Camp at the Country Fair… Together Growing the Fruits of the Spirit hosted a smaller group of youth – 36 kids and 32 volunteers.  The parish was able to follow the social distancing guidelines and have a safe, fun and spirit filled week!

Additionally, Holy Trinity offers Life Teen to the youth of the parish.  Life Teen is 100% Catholic, teaching the totality of the Truth of our faith, challenging teens to live that same faith. During the Covid-19 shutdown, Holy Trinity Life Teen went to teens’ driveways to bring them Chick-Fil-A and visit with them in person.

Faith in Action

Holy Trinity is a parish where the people of God truly bring life to the community.  Centered firmly on Jesus Christ in the Eucharist, the parish is faithfully and dynamically orthodox to the Teaching of the Church.  Warm and welcoming, the pews are filled with a diverse and active group of Catholics, non-Catholic Christians, and those seeking God.  They desire to bring the promise of Jesus to the lives of those in Norfolk and we are proud to work in tandem to serve families in need.

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