Guardianship / Conservatorship

Catholic Charities serves as Guardian for individuals who have been deemed incapacitated by the courts. When no family member is able to take on the care of their loved one, Catholic Charities’ Guardianship case workers take on the role of legally responsible advocates. Individuals in the Guardianship Program receive on-going case management and on-going monitoring of their needs and services. In its role as Guardian, Catholic Charities assumes responsibility for the personal affairs of an incapacitated person, including responsibility for making decisions regarding the person’s support, care, health, safety, rehabilitation, therapeutic treatment, appropriate housing, residential services and supervision. Guardianship clients become our family members and are cared for throughout the remainder of their life.

As Conservator, Catholic Charities is responsible to manage the estate and financial affairs of the individuals, including investments and monthly bills, monitored by the commissioner of accounts by each locality we serve.

Catholic Charities is appointed by the Circuit Court as guardian and/or conservator for persons who have no appropriate individuals in their lives to serve in that capacity. These services are grant funded or private fee funded. You or your attorney may call Mirlande Sledge for more information at (757) 467-7707.

Representative Payee

Often the Social Security Administration or some other payer source requires that individuals at-risk of being financially exploited or unable to handle their own financial affairs have someone oversee their financial accounts and the payment of their monthly bills. This is a role Catholic Charities can fill.

Eligibility Criteria

The process begins with telephone intake and requires paperwork from the Social Security Administration and/or other financial income sources. Cost is fee-based and clients must be 18 years or older. Services are available throughout Hampton Roads, Suffolk, Williamsburg and the Eastern Shore. Please contact (757) 456-2366 for more information.